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Humanity is in the throws of a huge evolutionary leap. What were once often separate countries, cultures and religions are becoming more and more interconnected and interdependent. The chaos and fears that are being unleashed as we are thrown together in unfamiliar ways have played themselves out over and over again as our Universe has expanded and diversified into different constellations of matter and life. The principles that have played a role in the past, as matter, plants and animals developed, also are relevant to us today. It is therefore hardly surprising that all over the world people are dedicating themselves to similar approaches,the most compelling of which is called the all-win principle and based on our need to live and thrive, nurtured by our natural and social environments.

All-Win Network
The All-Win Network brings many such people and organizations together who are dedicated to: 1. allowing all people to flourish in their own ways without harming others 2. Helping to create a world which works well for all -- both people and our natural environment.

Because they are naturally in sync with all those acting in the same spirit, they form a strong worldwide constituency for statesmen or women who implement all-win policies and are a counterweight to the pressures of power politics to which so many politicians are subjected.

The All-Win Network is also building a network of think tanks to support nations in the UN to find all-win solutions to world problems, like a sort of global brain consisting of ordinary citizens. They are also exploring with other groups how to introduce a self-financing basic income for all people which can only be used for personal and community development, can eradicate hunger and poverty and help to place people and planet at the heart of economic policies.

Creating the New Civilization
One highly promising such initiative was launched in Tokyo in November, 2005 by 14 partners. It is called the Creating the New Civilization initiative. The fourteen partners of the Creating the New Civilization Initiative are: the Goi Peace Foundation, The Club of Rome, The Future 500, The World Wisdom Council, The Gorbachov Foundation, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, the Chichi Publishing Company, the Kosmos Journal, the Club of Budapest, Pathways to Peace, E-Square Inc., Global Reporting Initiative Forum Japan.

This initiative will be opening its doors to other groups and organizations. A meeting is planned in Toronto, Canada, to be organized by the World Wisdom Council,

Building critical mass
The Worldcitizensaction Website focuses on gaining mastery of principles which can help us create a critical mass of people to bring about an all-win mindshift, working with the forces of evolution, and building sustainable relationships. It also supports people who wish to become more proficient at applying the principles in their own lives and environments.

Many of the relevant principles have been described and illustrated in the following novels and handbooks by Lisinka Ulatowska in such a way that the reader can both understand and experience the processes involved. These include two novels: Samenzwering Samenspel (Written in English but so far published only in Dutch, ISBN No. 90 202 82581; its English sequel, Fearless. Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things in a World Gripped by Fear (ISBN 1 4208 7858 1), The Year 2000 (a book about a self-financing World Marshall Plan which promotes the development of every child, woman and man) and the World Citizens Manual (available in English, Dutch, German and Chinese) which is now in its second edition.


Types offered

All talks and workshops are offered in English, German, French and Dutch. All Talks involve a period for discussion and interaction between participants. Speakers are willing to travel.

Here are examples of some topics...

Health and Wholeness

- Spiritual World Citizenship. A series of 3 talks or workshops:
1. Getting in Touch with Your Personal Power and Creativity
2. All Win Relationships and Peaceful Conflict Resolution
3. My Personal Path as a Spiritual World Citizen

Tools for Building a Global Community Which Works for All

1. How to Help Build a Global Community and Personally Benefit in the Process. (Talk and Workshop)
2. From Chaos and Conflict to a World that Works for All. Tools for World Citizens.(Talk and Workshop)
3. Modern Scientific Insights and Spiritual World Citizenship, As These Relate to Our Everyday Lives. (Talk) 4. A Self-Financing Basic Income for All People which Can Only Be Used for Personal or Community Development: How it works and steps for its implementation

The United Nations

1. Globalization, Sustainable Business and the United Nations (Talk and Workshop)
2. How Ordinary Citizens Can Make Their Voices Heard in the United Nations (Talk and Workshop)
3. The World's Best Kept Secret: The United Nations as a Coordinator and Motor of Human Evolution and How You Can Have a Say. (Talk)

Other actions

Applying the All Win Principle to the Evolution of Humanity

This is covered in the World Citizens Manual, Second Edition.

Creating a Critical Mass of People Who Live by the All-Win Principle: Some Principles Involved

The actions mentioned on this web site are but a fraction of the millions of actions being undertaken worldwide to create a world that works for all. And yet, all these millions have not been able to lift the shroud of fear and conflict which are caused by, say, the war on terror and other movements which encourage us to divide the world into good and bad. Thinking in polarities actually blinds us to the possibility of a global community which works for all. To shift the mindset that is trapped in fear and conflict, it is important to look at the types of resistances we are up against at this phase of our evolution and which set our present evolutionary leap apart from others that have taken place before.

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Examples of All-Win Collaboration between Organizations

Toward A World that Works for All

Councils of Wise Persons, all-Win Thinktanks, Consultative Democracy and a Global Brain

Councils of Wise Persons are forming. These focus on developing solutions to global problems along all win lines. They consist of people from the grass roots who meet regularly to apply the all-win principle to both problems in their everyday lives as well as to issues of global concern. Their objective is to master the all win principle and to be able to make all-win decisions which allow all parties to act to their own advantage without harming others. The problem solving process deals with issues from factual, emotional and spiritual perspectives.

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Lobby of the United Nations

At the United Nations all-win values are a necessity without which the United Nations can not function, since it has little means to enforce the decisions taken by its Member Governments. Eighty-five per cent of all decisions are made by consensus and the UN conferences have been finely sculpted to allow all governments an opportunity to be heard. Increasingly NGOs and other members of civil society are invited in to think along with governments. For this reason, it is important that as NGO representatives who have access to these government meetings we guard the process so that all-win values are honored all the time. So far all-win lobbies of the UN have been ad hoc.

Common Action for the United Nations

We have started an exciting new initiative called Commons Action for the United Nations. A team for this growing network of organizations is attending a series of meetings on sustainable development. We are now preparing for the UN's Rio 2012 conference that will be held in Rio mid-2012. In the months to come, we shall be writing a series of letters to Heads of State and Government and UN Ambassadors on a commons approach to building a sustainable global economy. To learn more about Commons Action for the United Nations and to participate...

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You Are a Global Citizen - Become a 'Commoner'

We All Have Become Global Citizens Who Have Unprecedented Power to Change Our Common Future

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Partner with Common Action for the United Nations to Create a World that Works for All

Our Goal: To create an integrated, cooperative world – a Global Commons – that works both for each person individually and for social and natural systems as a whole.

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An invitation to join in World Citizen Diplomacy at the United Nations

by Rene Wadlow, Chief Representative to the United Nations, Geneva of the Association of World Citizens

In this period of world transformations, independent voices are needed: to warn, to promote citizen diplomacy, to propose measures for the peaceful settlement of disputes. Such is the aim of the Office to the United Nations, Geneva, of the Association of World Citizens. Today, we see the rise of a new spirit of liberty and democracy throughout the world. The old structures of oppression and domination are crumbling ­those of caste, class, gender and nation. In place of repression, there are new institutions of popular participation. These efforts of transformation merit understanding and support. The path may yet be hard, but the direction is set.

For a long time, the international order was regarded as politically and firmly established. Now, we must learn to accept and to deal with a world that is both social and mobile. The movement of wealth, people, capital, and ideas is as important today as control of territory was yesterday. We must work within a framework which takes into account not only political issues, but economic behaviour and social and cultural aspirations. Our aim is to stress the deeper, transnational trends in the hope that common interests may be more easily found.

Despite the prevalence of disunity, separateness, disintegration and conflict in many parts of the world, the deeper currents of evolution move toward wholeness and mutually-beneficial cooperation. As the cultural historian William Irwin Thompson recently wrote 'Through Spirit, the world has always been one, and now through electronic technology, the world has learned to look at itself as one. But we do not yet have a politics in keeping with our spirituality, our art, our science or our technology. And this seems to be the work that is cut out for our generation.'

PEP International

PEP International (Personal Politics) has a project which aims to create school environments which focus on the well being of children, rather than on expediency. For more information: